Wool Carpets in Birkenhead

For the best place for wool carpets in Birkenhead visit Wirral Flooring who are a leading floor covering company.

Commercial Flooring in Hoylake

The difference between domestic and commercial flooring in Hoylake lies in the strength of the floor and the amount of foot traffic that it can withstand.

Acoustic Flooring in Mold

The issue of acoustic flooring in Mold comes up quite often during chats about construction.

Wooden Floors in Blacon

Nothing beats the elegance of wooden floors in Blacon in a home.

Stain Free Carpets in West Kirby

Stain free carpets in West Kirby are an excellent choice for busy homes.

Saxony Carpets in Hawarden

Saxony carpets in Hawarden are a popular choice for living rooms as well as bedrooms.

Rhino Floor in Birkenhead

A Rhino floor in Birkenhead is durable and beautiful.

Burmatex in Broughton

Top quality commercial carpets like Burmatex in Broughton are available from Wirral Flooring.

Cormar Carpets in Heswall

Cormar carpets in Heswall are sold at different outlets.

Altro Flooring in Chester

For our commercial customers looking for slip resistant Altro Flooring in Chester, Wirral Flooring has the answer.