Water Damaged Wood Floors – Homeowner’s Nightmare – WF Ltd laying down a solid surface for you and your family.

One of the worst things that can happen to any homeowner, who has a wood floor, is water damage. Water and wood don’t seem to mix and when it comes to wood floors, I’ve seen all kinds of damage, and all sorts of different houses.

One of the worst things I ever seen was a brand-new home, that had a nice wood floor in the living room and the plumber forgot to hook up the waste pipe properly.
Needless to say this is hassle no one needs especially around this time of the year the best possible to solution whether its water damage or just bad craftsman or fitting We pride ourself’s on our professionalism and skilled craftsmen for a quote or just advice on any flooring problem just call Wirral Flooring Ltd on 0151 342 6773

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