Need Help Choosing Karndean Flooring in Birkenhead?

0039Some of the most frequently asked questions we face at Wirral Flooring is whether we offer all the Karndean Flooring options in Birkenhead, and which of these are suitable for domestic or commercial flooring. First, it is important to know that all the six Karndean ranges are available at Wirral Flooring making for convenient one-stop shopping. Looking for the Knight Tile, Michelangelo, Opus, Van Gogh, Da Vinci or Art Select ranges? We can show you them all! If you want a versatile collection of strips and borders with wood or stone effect designs, choose from the Knight Tile range. If you are after distinct textured metallic, mosaic and pebble designs, then the iconic Michelangelo range is made for you.  Want something new and contemporary? The Opus range includes a selection of contemporary grays and is available in both large format planks and tiles. For those who like something more solid, the Van Gogh range has large wood planks that recreate the character of real timber.  The traditionalist may prefer the Da Vinci classic premium range, which contains slim and smooth wood planks with a beveled edge and a broad range of traditional ceramic and stone tiles. The premium Art Select range includes highly realistic handcrafted wood, parquet and limestone effects. We will help you choose!

In Birkenhead you don’t have to go far for Karndean Flooring. With an enviable reputation and competitively priced solutions, Wirral Flooring ensures quality – and stylish — flooring options. We will advise you on flooring to suit both your needs, your budget and your taste

For a wide range of Karndean Flooring options in Birkenhead, call or visit Wirral Flooring where the team of qualified professionals will give you all the support you need to make the right choice for your commercial or domestic floor.