Commercial Flooring in Birkenhead

Commercial Flooring in BirkenheadCommercial flooring in Birkenhead is one of the many areas that our staff members at Wirral Flooring deal with. Some of our commercial customers face decisions about what types of flooring they should use in their premises. While some need to think only about function, others need to consider the practical and aesthetic aspects of flooring.

Recently in Birkenhead commercial flooring posed a quandary for customers of ours. This husband and wife team was planning a restaurant and they were unsure what to do about the floor covering. At Wirral Flooring we offer our customers a range of high quality carpets, an array of tiles and wooden flooring options. Of course there is always the option to use a combination of these in different areas of the premises. With this restaurant we had to consider several areas: reception, the bar, the dining area and the kitchen. It was decided that tiles must be used in the area that would endure the most wear and tear and must be easy to keep spotlessly clean: the kitchen. Our customers selected tiles that are durable, have a non-slip surface even when wet and of a practical colour. While carpeting can look very good, be warmer and reduces noise levels, our customers felt that it simply is impractical in a venue where food and liquid spills are frequent. Keeping a carpet clean would be impossible and a dirty carpet is unhygienic. The decision was taken that wood would be ideal both in terms of aesthetics and practicality. In addition, laminate was chosen over hardwood because it is easier to clean and because hardwood in a venue that size was beyond the scope of their budget. The end result was beautiful: a warm, light-coloured wood floor throughout the sections the customer would be in and practical, strong tiles in the kitchen and store room.

So, if you need advice and materials for a commercial flooring project in Birkenhead call us at Wirral Flooring where we will provide honest advice, a wide range of options and excellent pre-, during and post-sale service. Call us today!