Wood Flooring in The Wirral

Wood Flooring in The WirralWood Flooring in The Wirral, as elsewhere in the UK, has its pros and cons. Here at Wirral Flooring we have more than 30 years experience and we offer unbiased advice, a wide choice of flooring, excellent service and competitive prices. One of the many services we offer our customers is advice or answers to enquiries related to flooring, including wood flooring.

Here in The Wirral wood flooring is much sought after because it looks beautiful and it feels warm underfoot. For many it is not a question of, “Do I want a wooden floor” as, “Do I want a laminate or hardwood floor?” There are a few factors to consider. The first is price. Laminate flooring is, on average, about 50% less costly than hardwood. In addition to a higher price tag, hardwood may carry an eco cost some are not happy to pay. The second factor is durability and maintenance. Flooring needs to be able to handle traffic. Only you will know how much traffic your floor must be able to handle, and its nature. Laminate floors resist moisture and scratches better than hardwoods do. It is also much easier to clean. One also wants to consider aesthetics or how the floor looks. There is no doubt that hardwood floors look more beautiful and warmer even when compared to even the best quality laminates. Hardwood is also more likely to add value to your home. Because floors deal with a lot of wear and tear, repairs will most likely be needed at some stage. Laminate flooring is not easy to repair but one can buy a replacement piece. Of course, the new section may not match the rest of the floor in terms of colour. Hardwood, on the other hand, can be repaired with sanding and refinishing of various types. However, it may fade in the sun more than laminates which often contain UV protection.

Wood flooring in The Wirral will add to the look and value of your home. Only you can decide whether laminate or hardwood flooring is best for you. We at Wirral Flooring are here to provide advice, quotes and any other assistance you may need. Call us today!