How to Maintain Your Amtico Flooring In Hoylake

Amtico Flooring In HoylakeAmtico Flooring in Hoylake deserves to be in the basket of versatile and quality design flooring. Have you considered it for your home?This flooring is made of six heat fused layers of PVC. It is available in more than 200 designs, making it easy for installers to make replicas of stones, woods and marbles. It is important to maintain your flooring so that it can last long. Most types of flooring are damaged by excessive soiling. So if you installed your Amtico in a high traffic place you should at least put rugs at entry points to ensure that people don’t take too much soil into the building. Another way to prevent damage is to never use abrasive materials to clean your floor. Abrasive materials would in a long run damage the surface of your floor. The benefit of Amtico flooring is that you can install it anywhere in the house because it is resistant to moisture or water. You can therefore have one flooring throughout the entire house.

In Hoylake Amtico flooring is maintained by a simple routine cleaning. All you have to do is sweep and mop your floor and you will maintain its beauty. You will not need to use any bleach solution to clean your floor because Amtico is not easily stained by red wine or coffee. Amtico has its own specialised cleaning products which include Amtico International FloorCare Maintainer and Amtico International FloorCare Dressing. Most people make the mistake of using these products in the first few months and abandoning them for normal household cleaner later on. Using foreign products can have a negative impact on your designer floor. The good things in life deserve that extra little bit of care and attention.

When installing Amtico Flooring in Hoylake, one needs to take into account that it is a long-term investment because it does not flake, chip or crack. Wirral Flooring supplies a range of designer flooring products. They offer competitive prices for both commercial and domestic flooring and provide professional advice on fitting and after-care. For more information on this and many other of their excellent products and service, browse through the website. Or call their helpful and friendly staff more more assistance.