Wooden Flooring in Wirral

Wooden Flooring in WirralWhen it comes to choosing wooden flooring in Wirral, many people are unsure whether it is the best choice. There are many misconceptions about the maintenance and care required in a wooden floor. The reality of the matter is that a wooden floor adds character to a home. Potential home buyers are more likely to be taken with a home that has wooden flooring versus a home with linoleum floors. If you are wondering whether choosing wooden floors is good a decision, then ask the experts.

In Wirral, wooden flooring is supplied by Wirral Flooring, experts in all matters related to carpets and flooring. These professionals steadfastly recommend wooden floors to most homeowners. Why? Firstly, quality wood floors can last for years to come. Carpets need to be replaced every five years due to holes, stains and shabbiness. Wooden floors improve in appearance with age. Wooden floors are also easier to clean than a carpet. They simply require a light vacuum or brush. Carpets require deep action cleaning. Wooden floors are also more hygienic. Dust, dander and mites love to hide in carpets, where the temperature is ideally suited for them to breed and grow. This results in allergies which can wreak havoc with young children and the elderly. Overtime, carpets tend to accumulate musty odours and smells, whereas wooden floors simply emanate a pleasant wooden polish smell.

If you are considering installing wooden flooring in Wirral, then give Wirral Flooring a call. They have a large stock of wooden floors in a variety of colours for you to choose from. Wooden floors are also a great medium for under-floor heating, which is a more efficient way to heat up the entire home. If you’ve had your wooden floor for years, you will likely have traffic patterns and wear and tear on the grain. This can be easily remedied with seal and sand, whereas worn carpet needs to be replaced entirely! Lastly, wooden floors have timeless appeal. Tile, linoleum and carpets have colours and patterns which go in and out of style. Wood regardless of the colour, continues to retain its popularity. Contact Wirral Flooring for the best wooden flooring for your home.