Why Choose Karndean Flooring in West Kirby?

Karndean flooring in West KirbyConsider Karndean flooring in West Kirby when choosing from various flooring types. Karndean flooring is the latest product in luxury vinyl tiles. Apart from being the best quality, Karndean floors have distinct advantages over other flooring types. Firstly, you can recreate the appearance of any type of flooring material with Karndean vinyl. Some popular examples of recreated looks include limestone, parquet, timber and slate. With Karndean vinyl, you can recreate the look without the practical drawbacks of each floor type. Secondly, Karndean floors are also durable. They are resilient to most types of wear and tear. So much so, that they provide a guarantee of 12 to 20 years for most of their vinyl floors. Natural floors such as timber can shrink, curl or expand in certain areas. However, with Karndean vinyl, this is not the case. Thirdly, Karndean floors are easy to maintain. Unlike carpets and vinyl tiles, these floors do not harbour bacteria, dust mites or dirt. They are also resistant to water spillage and stains. This makes Karndean floors highly suitable for families with young children and pets. Fourthly, Karndean floors are much quieter than wood, ceramic or stone alternatives. You won’t hear the creaks and cracks while walking on top. Similarly, this floor type feels much warmer under the feet than stone or ceramic floors and can be easily over laid on heating systems. Lastly, unlike other flooring types, Karndean floors may only be installed by professionals. This will help to validate your floor warranty.

In West Kirby, Karndean flooring can be expertly supplied by Wirral Flooring. A visit to their location on Pensby Road will help you see first- hand why Karndean flooring is some of the best in the market today. Staff at Wirral Flooring can answer all your questions and help you make a decision about which flooring type to install.

Karndean flooring in West Kirby is a stylish alternative to traditional flooring products. They are available in a large variety of designs and colours, complimenting any décor scheme. If you are thinking about installing new flooring, contact Wirral Flooring for Karndean flooring.