Ryalux Carpets in Chester

Ryalux Carpets in ChesterRyalux Carpets in Chester is your answer if your carpets are looking a bit old, tatty and fraying in certain areas.  Perhaps you own a hotel, restaurant, pub or school and your clientele is commenting on the old, out-dated carpets? Your office or home deserves the upgrade, don’t you think? Especially if it is going to be made of durable, resilient material and suitable for light or heavy foot traffic. Just think what an impact new carpets will have on your business or visitors coming to your home. Everyone is going to want that exotic, stylish look and feel you have achieved.

In Chester, Ryalux carpets are popular. These luxurious carpets are made of the finest New Zealand wool.  The carpets are woven with the world’s whitest, purest wool and are also natural temperature regulators.  Hot or cold weather, these carpets will make any room feel cozy.  It does not matter if you are going for the modern or antique style, the diverse colours and designs will match any décor you can think of.  Clients of Wirral Flooring have been impressed by the knowledgeable and friendly staff who will be happy to answer any question as to what will work, what not and what will suit your budget. Why not visit their showroom to see the wide variety of carpet designs they have on offer and be assured you will leave feeling inspired to invest in the future look and feel to your home or office immediately. Wirral Flooring have been in operation since 1978 and they are also stockists of stylish, exquisite looking Ryalux carpets.

Ryalux carpets in Chester are a good investment. What about replacing your other floor surfaces whilst you are thinking of increasing the value of your home or business?  Thinking of replacing the wood floor at the entrance hall or tiles in the bathroom, laminates or vinyl with a premium quality replacement?  Karndean flooring with their large selection of designs in slate, timber, parquet and limestone might be the solution.   Why stop at just beautifying your home or office just with carpets.  Let the reliable, highly trained and professional staff of Wirral Flooring bedazzle you with their high standards in fitment, expertise and best possible service.   For top market, lovely to look at Ryalux carpets, contact Wirral Flooring.