Forbo Flooring in Ellesmere Port

Forbo Flooring in Ellesmere PortWould you like to know more about Forbo flooring in Ellesmere Port if you are planning a home, commercial space or office makeover? These flooring systems are modern, eco-friendly and high quality products, which can ensure that your flooring is in keeping with the best of international design and quality standards. These top of the range floor coverings are tough, sturdy and good looking, while being environmentally friendly as well. Some of the best sellers include linoleum, vinyl and vinyl tiles, flotex flocked, carpet and needle-felt tiles, entrance and clean-room flooring, acoustic and safety flooring, and wetroom solutions.

In Ellesmere Port, Forbo flooring solutions are available with your local stockists like Wirral Flooring. The Forbo company is a Dutch organisation with headquarters in Assendelft, North Holland, with a world wide sales and service network and a robust social media presence. One of their most popular products is Marmoleum, a 100% natural product, which consists of a composite made from wood flour, cork dust, linseed oil and pine resins, mounted on burlap or jute backing. The product comes in a variety of attractive designs and colors, with the appearance of marble flooring. The plus points of Marmoleum are that it is eco-friendly, being made completely of organic materials and therefore biodegradable, with no toxic adhesives or other volatile organic compounds. Marmoleum is resistant to heat, has anti-microbial properties and very easy to keep clean. However, installation should be done by a trained professional who has specific experience in installing this kind of flooring product.

Not only does Wirral Flooring offer Forbo flooring in Ellesmere Port, but other products which include flooring designed specifically for healthcare spaces, retail, leisure and hospitality, aged care, social buildings, industrial buildings, leisure and entertainment centers, educational and sports institutions. These are available in sheet or tile form, according to your preferences, needs, design requirements and budget. The company’s website has a “floor-planner” feature that can be used by designers to “try out” their products before purchasing them. Cushion vinyl flooring is available, which gives a touch of comfort and luxury to your room. Ensure that you purchase from authorised dealers who can provide installation and maintenance services as well. For more information about Forbo flooring, contact Wirral Flooring.