Ryalux in Queensferry

Ryalux in QueensferryRyalux in Queensferry is the smart choice for bespoke and tasteful carpets. As a  leading carpet manufacturer, Ryalux offers exceptional, luxurious carpets of an extensive range of colours and styles. Their Ultimate Living Collection is an unrivalled colour-matching service that can create the perfect colour to complement your interior by matching the colour of your furniture, curtains, or even your favourite pair of shoes. With Ryalux you can have truly individual and unique stylish carpets.

In Queensferry, Ryalux carpets are available at Wirral Flooring and Carpets. Their dedicated team will ensure that your carpet fits perfectly, especially around curves, fireplaces and alcoves. You are also guaranteed of a seamless finish, as Ryalux offers carpets of up to 7 metres in width so that you can have wall-to-wall style with no interruptions. You can choose your Ryalux carpet based on the range, room, colour or type, with their complete colour palette or by using their unique colour-matching service, and a choice of saxony, loop, twist, velvet, shagpile and now New Zealand double-ply wool as well.

Once you have selected your desired style from Ryalux in Queensferry, Wirral Flooring and Carpets can have it fitted and installed by experienced professionals. A family-run business with over 30 years of experience, they are committed to bring you friendly, quality service, from evaluating your floors and room space to the installation and finishing touches. If you are struggling to decide which of Ryalux’s wonderful ranges to choose from, at your request Wirral Flooring and Carpets will also help you select the perfect style of Ryalux carpet for your home. They also offer their services to commercial sectors, carpeting shops, schools, churches, hotels and more. If you are interested in Ryalux carpets, contact Wirral Flooring and Carpets for top-quality service and competitive prices.