Victoria Carpets in Meols

Victoria carpets in MeolsConsider Victoria carpets in Meols if you are looking for a durable and versatile carpet. It is extremely hard to find a carpet which will not show water marking or shading spots over a period of time. This has nothing to do with the type of materials used or even the manufacturing thereof. It is safe to say that all carpets with normal wear will show some signs of shading due to the pile of the carpet changing direction. This is called pile reversal.

In Meols, Victoria carpets are the best type to use, particularly for heavy traffic areas. The way in which it is woven makes it tougher than your usual brand of carpet. With a mix of 80% wool, 15% nylon and 5% polyester it is not only hardy, but will last longer and the risk of pile reversal is non-existent. Most Victoria carpets have a life time warranty against pile reversal. The colour spectrum in which they are available will fit into any décor, as will the designs. The two widths in which they are manufactured, 4 or 5 meters, will allow minimal wastage when the carpets are laid in your home or business. The other added advantage of these carpets is the backing. This is called weaveloc and is made from recycled polyethylene which results in a softer feel under your feet, noise reduction and keeping moisture and mold to a minimum. It is heat bonded to the underside of the carpet and there is no need for any additional underfelt.

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