Balterio in Caldy – a Wise Choice

Balterio in CaldyBalterio in Caldy is highly sought after when it comes to laminate flooring. The name ‘Balterio’ means can’t be beaten, as these are ‘look-like-real’ wood floors, they are low maintenance and they have an affordable price tag. Balterio in Caldy is enormously popular because it is practical and available in a host of different colours and patterns. Balterio is all about elegance and style, and Wirral Flooring & Carpets are your flooring experts, offering the best products. They also have knowledgeable staff who can answer any queries you have on carpets and other types of flooring. They also have excellent fitters who very ably measure and install wooden floors, laminates, tiles, carpets and vinyl for all their domestic and commercial clients.

Based in Heswall and servicing the Wirral, North West and North Wales areas, in Caldy, Balterio is laminate flooring which surpasses all expectations. People love the variety that Balterio affords them, and the variations you get with the appearance and textures of the laminate flooring means that everybody’s personal tastes are catered for. Domotex is a global annual show for floor coverings, and players in the industry from around the world are represented. Balterio is always part of the show and recently introduced no less than 150 new decors, from their Quattro Vintage to their Panoramic Design and many others. When it comes to choice, Balterio stops at nothing.

Balterio in Caldy is about variety and apart from the brilliant hardwood looks, you can even get laminate flooring that looks like stone, providing their floors with authentic looks and feel. You can also choose between light or dark shades – the idea behind Balterio is to give you floors which are all about strength, durability, elegance, style, beauty and class. A new laminate floor is a fairly big investment and you want to know that it will last for years and not lose its beauty and quality. Make a wise choice and go with a brand that is unbeatable in every way – Balterio. For high quality and durable Balterio flooring, contact Wirral Flooring & Carpets.