Polysafe Flooring in Deeside

Polysafe Flooring in DeesidePolysafe flooring in Deeside is a range of highly durable vinyl flooring that is slip resistant. The manufacturer has added aggregates to the vinyl as a safety feature to prevent slipping whether with or without shoes. This beautiful flooring is useful in any area both domestic and commercial where foot safety is a concern. That would be just about any area because slippery floors are a hazard anywhere. For some businesses, it is a greater concern because they need to protect their busy employees. Commercial kitchen floors see fast-paced foot traffic in areas where oil, grease and water can be safety hazards. Polysafe flooring lets the chefs and servers move freely through their work shifts without the fear of slips and falls.

In Deeside, Polysafe flooring is designer beautiful and slip resistant and ideal for use in health clubs with swimming pools, hot tubs and shower rooms. You want to keep your clientele safe underfoot in these damp areas because that is what responsible business people do. Your insurance company may reward you with lower premiums when you lower your liability with Polysafe flooring. You do not want anyone getting hurt and you want to avoid personal injury lawsuits. Polysafe flooring, with a 40+ Pendulum Wet Test result and 70 microns of roughness, proves you are proactive when it comes to customer safety. Note that this flooring conforms to slip guidelines for HSE & UK and meets European safety flooring standards. Some Polysafe flooring products have rated A+ for areas like health, education and retail. As if that were not enough, Polysafe flooring is also 100% recyclable.

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