Solid Wood in Meols

Solid Wood in MeolsWirral Flooring has solid wood in Meols. If you have been dreaming of wood floors for your home, you will be pleased to know they are affordable as well as beautiful. Wirral Flooring carries wood flooring to fit most budgets. Give that heavy rug shampoo machine away because you will not need it anymore. All you will need to keep your wood floors clean is one of those long handled magnetic dusters and maybe a damp mop once in a while. Continuous wood flooring throughout each level of your house makes the whole house appear larger and more spacious. Many homeowners enjoy wood flooring throughout the common living areas of a home but still prefer carpet in bedrooms and on stairs. Wirral Flooring has both.

In Meols, solid wood floors in your home will last generations if properly cared for. Even if it is not so carefully cared for, it will last. It will just have to be refinished to look good again. There are those who worry about children and pets on solid wood. They fear scuffs and scratches. The wood can be sealed to protect against some of the wear. Also, a hard wood is better for families than a soft wood like pine. The truth is a scratch here or there will not ruin your floor. There is the story of the wealthy attorney who installed hard wood floors in her home despite having kids and dogs in and out. She said wood is traditional and the occasional scratch just contributed to the charm of the floor.

Homeowners love solid wood in Meols for its upscale look, easy care and beauty. If you or family members have allergies, then you love it because you can breathe. In fact, solid wood floors benefit all of us because our indoor air is cleaner and healthier. Carpet has fibres and tile has grout lines. That’s where pollen, animal dander and other allergens hide. You can vacuum the carpet every day and scrub the tile including the grout lines to minimise the risk, but solid wood is a lot easier. Wirral Flooring has an extensive selection of solid wood flooring from which to choose. Talk to them about your likes and needs and they will give you guidance you can trust. For more information about solid wood floors, contact Wirral Flooring.