Burmatex in Parkgate

Burmatex in ParkgateBurmatex in Parkgate has an amazing concept in carpet planks. As the name suggests, these tiles are long and can be used to make the most stunning patterns. The carpet planks are heavy duty and are made to be very durable. This is the perfect flooring for any office or school where there is heavy traffic. Although it is hard wearing, it is also aesthetically appealing. With a huge range of colours available, these carpet planks can enable a kindergarten to have a warm and comfortable flooring with bright colours. Besides being so appealing to the children, they are hard wearing and resist spills and the usual accidents that occur.

Wirral Flooring can assist you in choosing the most suitable Burmatex product. In Parkgate, Burmatex carpet planks can be laid in intricate designs to make it visually appealing. The carpet tiles also come in a wide range of colours and patterns. These hard wearing and very durable carpets are great for factory offices. Where there is a high traffic area which also may track in a lot of dirt, there is a special performance barrier system. This protects flooring from dirt and moisture tracked in by foot and wheel traffic. Your flooring will last much longer and is protected from damage. Heavy wear areas around desks can be protected by the performance barrier system to stop chair wheels from damaging the carpets.

Find Burmatex in Parkgate at Wirral Flooring. For more information about the uses of Burmatex, contact Wirral Flooring. They offer a range of giant carpet tile that are 2 metres by 1 metre, and are perfect for larger areas. These giant tiles come in 18 different colours. There is also a carpet sheet. The dimensions of the sheet are 30 metres by 2 metres and can quickly cover a very large floor area. Where there is a need for a large area of heavy duty carpet, this is a very good option. There are 32 different colours from very dark slate through greys to blues of different hues to a variety of greens, beige and vibrant reds and  gold. There is a colour and combination to suit every office.