Victoria Carpets in Queensferry

Victoria Carpets in QueensferryThe best thing about Victoria Carpets in Queensferry is that they are beautiful. We want our carpets beautiful but after that, we need guarantees they are durable and will stay looking nice for a long time. That is the second best thing about Victoria Carpets. They come with a 10-year wear and fade guarantee and they resist fading from UV rays. The carpets have patented LOC-weave backing that retains the carpets’ softness, resilience and comfort underfoot. Victoria Carpets use 3-ply yarn so as to retain beauty. The carpets are also moth-proofed and stain resistant. When we have a spill, we blot it up right away and the stain will not penetrate the fibres. We all like an endless choice of design and colour. Victoria Carpets offer all that and ease of installation.

We are dedicated to providing an extensive choice of fine carpet and other floor coverings in all price ranges. In Queensferry, Victoria Carpets are available at Wirral Flooring. We, the consumer, benefit from the experience and knowledge critical in choosing what products their store will feel proud to offer us. When we are shopping for carpets, we like to ask questions about the various choices. How else are we to decide? Our staff at Wirral Flooring can answer your questions and make suggestions based on your lifestyle, budget and preferences.

Victoria Carpets in Queensferry is a favourite of the professional fitters at Wirral Carpeting. We can make just about anything look good. However, the resilience of Victoria Carpets is exceptional. We find Victoria Carpets are easy to work with for a flawless installation. The Victoria Carpeting brand goes back 120 years. Contact Wirral Flooring for more information about Victoria Carpets. Stop by and see for yourself the qualities that set this brand apart. Our staff will answer all questions and offer intelligent and courteous advice. We are all about protecting the environment and so is Victoria Carpets. The backing has a low level of volatile organic emissions and there is no discharge of waste materials during the finishing process. By using 25% recycled products in their carpet making processes, they are helping to protect all of us.