Solid Wood in Deeside

Solid wood in DeesideSolid wood in Deeside is the ultimate in luxury flooring. When you install the new solid wood flooring in your home and see the shine and life it brings to the room you will never want another type of floor in your home.Solid wood floors are very beautiful, elegant and stylish no matter if your decor is traditional or contemporary. A wooden floor is far easier to keep clean than carpeting and does not collect dust or give dust mites a place to live. They are warm underfoot and have a wonderful sheen. You will find that a wooden floor also tends to keep the house warmer than tiles or any other flooring that sits on concrete. This is because wood is an excellent insulation material and blocks the cold from the ground and therefore the concrete from rising into your home.

When you are looking for warmth and luxury on your floor in Deeside, solid wood is the only covering that provides you with both. There is a wide variety of wood in many patterns and colours available. Your choice of wood is dependent on the colour scheme you want to implement. The colours range from very dark, almost black wood through reds and yellows to pale almost white wood. The most popular woods are the rich brown hues with distinctive natural patterns. These can be coordinated with almost any furniture. The floors are extremely durable and with solid floors after many years of hard wear they can be sanded and sealed and look as good as new. As they are solid wood, this can be done a number of times with no ill effect to the wood.

Solid wood in Deeside is reasonably priced for the durability and longevity of the product. Contact Wirral Flooring today and receive a free quotation for the solid wood floor of your choice. Your house will increase in value and will ensure a stylish and elegant finish to your home.