Altro Flooring in Chester

Altro Flooring in ChesterFor our commercial customers looking for slip resistant Altro Flooring in Chester, Wirral Flooring has the answer. We carry a range of products that are ideal for commercial kitchens, pool rooms, public walkways and public facilities like schools and hospitals. Don’t rule it out for your own personal use in your bath, mud room, laundry room or kitchen. This product is awesome. Altro has created safety flooring that is durable, resistant to damage and attractive. These floor coverings are easily maintained and easy to install. Adhesive is not necessary to secure the flooring which is backed by an incredible 20-year guarantee. But the life expectancy of Altro flooring is actually 25 years. You can expect the colour to still look true because it doesn’t fade with time and wear.

We are proud at Wirral Flooring to be an approved retailer for Altro Flooring.  For our clients in Chester, Altro Flooring is a favorite safety flooring that they can use with confidence.  Aesthetics always matter so it’s good to know there is an attractive range of colours and designs from which to choose. Use your company colours and logo to personalise your space. If all that is not enough to convince you that this is the finest slip resistant flooring then consider that it is 100 percent recyclable. Definitely made for wet, greasy, soapy floors, Altro flooring can handle heavy foot traffic in the office foyer, the restaurant kitchen and the locker room at the pool and fitness centre.

When you purchase your Altro Flooring in Chester at our Wirral Flooring and Carpet Centre you can count on professional service from our entire staff. Our flooring centre has been a fixture on the Wirral for over 30 years. It has always been our commitment to offer our clients a large selection of products and superior customer service at fair and competitive prices. Contact Wirral Flooring or come and visit us at our showroom and let one of our representatives introduce you to the many benefits of Altro safety flooring. You will be surprised at how attractive and welcoming safety can be.