Burmatex in Broughton

Burmatex in BroughtonTop quality commercial carpets like Burmatex in Broughton are available from Wirral Flooring. We like doing business with Burmatex because of their broad product range of commercial grade carpet in sheets, tiles and planks. Their design offerings have staying power and their new offerings are brilliantly innovative. Their carpet can be purchased in bonded, loop and textured in colours to fit any decor design. The combination of quality and design are two of the reasons Burmatex is among the leaders in design and manufacturer of commercial carpet in the country. They also have an international presence. The company was originally founded under a different name in 1917 but the facility is still located at the same address.

You will notice in public buildings used for leisure, education or commercial ventures that the flooring is not always one or two colours anymore. For commercial building designers and architects in Broughton, Burmatex opens a whole new world of colour combinations and geometric designs. The patterns are used to define traffic patterns and workstations as well as facility logos. The designs pull seating areas together and create boundaries for conference meetings. The main reason we like offering Burmatex brand floor coverings to our commercial clients is because the originality and quality of their products make our clients happy. The products meet European Standards for durability, colour fastness, flame retardancy and artistry.

We have a first rate fitting team for the professional installation of your Burmatex in Broughton. Contact Wirral Flooring or visit us at our extensive showroom so we can show you patterns and designs in flooring that are pleasing to the eye and durable enough to stay beautiful under extreme use. Our flooring company is an independent retail leader offering fine products and excellent customer service. From start to finish, you can trust Wirral Flooring for the complete job including tearing out the old flooring, prepping for new carpet and leaving behind nothing except beautiful new flooring. Being an independent family owned business we have great flexibility in pricing and easy finance terms are available. We are always happy to supply special orders if you don’t find what you want in our showroom.