Wool Carpets in Birkenhead

Wool Carpets in BirkenheadFor the best place for wool carpets in Birkenhead visit Wirral Flooring who are a leading floor covering company. We also offer fine vinyl, wood, tile and carpets for your floors. For some, only wool carpets will do with good reason. Wool carpet is beautiful, comfortable, durable and warm. Wool is a natural fibre so if you want green products from sustainable sources, wool carpet is for you. Sheep graze on grass and are sheared of their wool about once a year. The strongest wool is woven into wall to wall carpets and area rugs. This process has been going on for centuries with no petroleum products from non-renewable resources as required for synthetic carpets.

Natural shades of wool are beautiful and complement any decor. For those in Birkenhead, wool carpets are believed to remain beautiful as they age. There is a lustre and softness to wool fibres due to its outer layer. If you prefer colour then the wool dyeing process can be customised to suit. Wool is so durable you would likely replace two synthetic carpets to one wool. Wool fibres keep their springiness even under heavy use so the carpet does not break down and become matted. Wool absorbs sound for a quieter home and retains warmth so floors are not cold. The fibres are naturally fire retardant, hypoallergenic and soil resistant. The list of benefits is long. Our commercial clients will benefit from all the same natural fibre qualities.

Wool carpets in Birkenhead are an excellent investment. Contact Wirral Flooring and let us show you our wonderful selection of natural fibre wool carpets. Our whole staff is knowledgeable about our products and can answer your questions. We will come out and measure your space for a precise fit. Our fitters are the best, even in awkward and odd shaped areas. Our great quality carpets combined with professional installation means beautiful and durable flooring for your home. You can count on our customer service from beginning to completion with excellent follow up care. Those in Wirral, the North West and the North Wales areas will find our showroom convenient to reach.