School Carpets in Wrexham

School Carpets in WrexhamSchool carpets in Wrexham from Wirral Flooring will give you value for money. During our 30 years in business we at Wirral Flooring have made quality products, affordability and customer service  our priorities. We have commercial carpet that will stand up to the heavy foot traffic found in schools. Carpet for schools has to be affordable and durable. It also needs to be hypoallergenic, mould and mildew resistant. Young people will be exposed to it for long hours every day and some are sensitive to certain materials. At Wirral Flooring we have exactly what you’re looking for. Choose from wall to wall carpet for classrooms, technology labs and libraries. Area carpets are especially helpful in primary grades as a gathering place for group reading.

Carpeting in schools has not always been considered an ideal floor covering. Easily cleaned hardwood or vinyl tiles were more common in Wrexham; school carpets were not even in the teacher’s lounge. New carpet materials are easily cleaned, making them a sensible flooring choice today. The greatest benefit of school carpets is how well it absorbs noise. Carpeted hallways, study areas, computer stations and classrooms are quieter places to study. Lowering the noise level also lowers stress levels in students and instructors. Some schools go a step further and run the carpet a third of the way up the walls or place carpet panels high on walls to mute noise. For preschool and primary students carpeted play areas are safer and warmer.

School carpets in Wrexham help create a quiet environment, but it also looks nice. The colours are often muted green or blues but others are available. Choose school colours and maintain a theme throughout the school. Carpet tiles are a good choice for multicolour patterns and designs. Contact us or stop by our showroom at Wirral Flooring. We can supply the colours you want. Your school will have a warm and comfortable feel with added texture that makes a nice environment for learning and teaching. Count on us for the best installation team you will find anywhere. The fit is perfect and this team is fast and efficient. Call for a quote. There’s no obligation