Antique Wood Floors in Deeside

Antique Wood Floors in DeesideInstalling antique wood floors in Deeside is one of the best ways to change the look of your home.There are many advantages to choosing a wood floor. Firstly, they’re easy to maintain. A simple water and soap solution will suffice in its cleaning. Secondly, with time, wood floors develop an “aged” appearance which actually looks good, whereas an aged carpet is far from decent. Third, a wood floor can help you increase the asking price for your home, should you decide to sell it in the future. Lastly, perhaps the number one reason why most homeowners opt for a wood floor is its aesthetic quality. Wood floors have an antique and classic look about them that suits all décor styles. Wood floors never go out of fashion!

If you’re searching for special flooring in Deeside, antique wood floors can be easily sought at Wirral Flooring and Carpets. We offer the best wood solutions to suit your budget, needs and taste. At Wirral Flooring, we’re proud to be the authorised dealers of a number of brand name flooring companies such as Haro, Trendline, Atkinson & Kirby and BerryAlloc. In fact, we have so many choices, you’ll simply feel spoilt! Apart from wood, we also carry vinyl, laminates, carpets, rugs and tiles. Our services are suitable for both domestic and commercial projects. At Wirral Flooring and Carpets, our services do not end at just supplying flooring materials. We have a reliable and professional team of fitters will come to your home and fit your new flooring for you. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive service that will satisfy you.

If you’re thinking about changing the floors in your home, consider antique wood floors in Deeside. For more information about our antique wood floors, contact Wirral Flooring. We recommend to customers to come down to our showroom in Heswall to view and experience the types of flooring we carry. Here, you can also speak to our experienced team members who will be happy to guide you in your decision for flooring.