Solid Wood in Wallasey

Solid Wood in WallaseyFor that Wow! factor with solid wood in Wallasey, contact Wirral Flooring. We offer a dazzling array of choices in wooden flooring and you’re sure to find one that matches your tastes, preferences, needs and budget. All our products are matched with our top-quality service provided by expert technicians and fitters who work to consistently high standards whatever the size of the project. We service both private residential projects and large commercial organisations. Our clients include: hotels, restaurants, pubs, churches, hospitals, nursing-homes, office complexes, shops, banks, leisure centers and educational institutions. Solid wood flooring is an asset to your building and can significantly raise its value.

For new homeowners in Wallasey, solid wood flooring supplied by us is not just beautiful to look at, it’s also very durable and relatively easy to maintain. Solid wood boards are usually sourced from single planks of natural timber. Apart from being elegant and modern, they also happen to be one of the oldest known forms of flooring. Renowned for their beauty and elegance, solid wood flooring tends to get better with age. It takes on a mellow and warm look that gives your rooms an air of comfort, warmth and grace. The grain, species of wood, polish  used and style adopted – whether parquet, strip or plank – make each floor unique and individualistic.

One of the things that most customers value in their flooring of solid wood in Wallasey is that such material is really built for the long haul. In fact, centuries old buildings still boast of beautifully maintained wooden floors that have certainly outlived their owners. Contact us for more information and advice on design and installation of solid wood flooring. Wooden floors don’t require much maintenance as they’re quite easy to clean. However, in high traffic areas, they do need regular sanding and re-polishing to remove scratches and dents. Even in such areas, they can last for decades with regular care. However, on the flip side, wooden flooring is not waterproof. It can’t be used in wet areas like baths/kitchens. Another issue is that they don’t support under-floor heating. Otherwise, they’re a great addition to your space.