Rhino Floor in Blacon

Rhino Floor in BlaconIf you want a floor that is durable and beautiful then a Rhino floor in Blacon should be seriously considered.There are a variety of styles of the wood pattern in the Elite range in a number of popular colours like oak in light, mid and dark brown. We also have nut wood and these come in herringbone or plank designs among others.  The Options range of wood patterned vinyl has a larger colour palette with almost white through to walnut and smoked oak.  The vinyl wood patterned covering will keep its appearance throughout its life without the maintenance challenges of real wood. The patterns mimic the real pattern of wood with all the knots and grains making it very realistic.

When you need new floor covering in Blacon, Rhino floor is the best value for money you can get. The Elite Tiles come in a number of designs.  These resemble antique floor tile or stone tiles and only the warmth underfoot sets them apart from the real article. The Option range offers stone and ceramic designs to create an elegant setting. There are a number of colour and shape combinations to enhance any room. Light coloured floors can be used in any room because of the ease of cleaning.  Any dirt just wipes off leaving your floors gleaming and clean.  This is the perfect flooring if you have children or pets.

Rhino floor in Blacon is available in a number of different styles and colours.  Contact Wirral Flooring today and see how reasonably priced our Rhino vinyl flooring is.  We have all the ranges from the budget through to the elite.  All Rhino floors are of excellent quality and will turn your rooms into works of art.  The vinyl is warm and functional.  For busy people it is the most hygienic and clean flooring.  It can be swept and then mopped for an allergy free home.  We have been supplying floor covering for almost 40 years. Our years of experience have allowed us to stock only top quality products.