School Carpets in Conwy

School Carpets in ConwyFor school carpets in Conwy speak to Wirral Flooring. We specialise in domestic and commercial floor coverings. Our commercial grade carpets are not just durable; they add to the ambiance by creating warm classroom floors and quieter hallways in eye pleasing colours and patterns. Ask us about custom logos and school colours. There was a time when the only carpet you would see in a school would be in preschools. Children that age spend a lot of time on the floor playing and in circle time so it makes sense. No carpet in older buildings was acceptable because most flooring was high maintenance timber. Timber flooring is soft, warm and absorbs noise, unlike building materials used in new or refurbished school buildings today.

New and refurbished schools today frequently have concrete floors, sometimes topped with chipboard on which floor coverings are installed. The floors are low maintenance and durable but in Conwy, school carpets from our flooring collection are needed. They replace and improve the soft footing, warmth and sound absorption once offered by timber. Our school carpets have a decorative appeal that give classrooms a cheery touch but nothing compares to the positive impact of noise reduction. For many students, noise reduction relieves stress they’re only aware of when it stops. The atmosphere for learning is enhanced visually and audibly plus beautiful carpets eliminate the cold and bare institutional look. That’s a benefit for everybody.

You may wonder how it’s possible to keep school carpets in Conway clean. Our commercial grades of carpeting are tightly woven with strong fibres that easily release dirt and debris. The regular staff maintenance of vacuuming and periodic steam cleaning keeps the carpets and the air fresh. School closure to strip and wax floors is a thing of the past and nobody is happier about that than school maintenance staffs. Contact Wirral Flooring and let’s discuss your school carpeting needs and preferences. Whether new build, refurbishment or replacement of old carpet for new, our customer service team are here to help. Count on us to work within your budget including professional installation services second to none.