Axminster in Heswall

Axminster in HeswallFor Axminister in Heswall, speak to Wirral Flooring. Axminster Carpets is Britain’s oldest, most prestigious and well know carpet designer. They have been weaving carpets from local wool for over 250 years for use in Royal palaces, prestigious hotels and important homes throughout the world like yours. The company is environmentally aware which is why they recycle their yarn waste and are careful of the environment surrounding their manufacturing site. Axminster as a company is active in promoting wool for use in carpet as a renewable and sustainable raw material. If wool carpet should unfortunately end up in a landfill it’s a waste of reusable material; but the good news is it will biodegrade in about 12 months.

Our flooring company, Wirral Flooring has been established for thirty years so we’re a lot younger than the companies of products we stock such as Axminster. We are committed to bringing our customers in Heswall, Axminster carpets and the best selections of all other flooring products. Axminster carpets are designed and woven for the domestic and commercial sectors bringing elegance, durability and style to every level of carpet they weave. Because of the durability of wool carpets expertly woven with skill, Axminster Carpets may be the most cost effective part of your decor. You may not need to replace Axminster carpet for thirty years and it will still look and feel luxurious.

We at Wirral Flooring want to help you find the Axminster in Heswall carpet that is right for your space and budget. At our family owned store, our staff is well versed in the products we stock. Contact Wirral Flooring or come to our showroom and let us help you choose the right size, grade and colour or pattern best suited for you and your budget. We can help pull together an elegant room with all your favourite colour, textures and weaves. We never rush you because we know it takes time, sometimes days, to get it all just right. When you’ve made your choice count on our professional installation team for an exacting job of installing your new carpet. Enjoy family friendly Axminster wool carpets in your home for a quiet, soft and luxurious environment.