Acoustic Flooring in Broughton

Acoustic Flooring in BroughtonWhen you want to reduce the volume in your interior spaces get the best acoustic flooring in Broughton  from Wirral Flooring. We have more than three decades’ experience in providing top quality flooring solutions to a diverse range of clients. Most of our business comes to us via recommendations from satisfied clients, both domestic and commercial. As a local business, we are proud of our ability to connect with our customers and stay in sync with their unique needs, preferences and budget. Alongside, we also pride ourselves on giving them access to the best of products, materials, technologies, trends and information available in international markets across the world.  Our highly trained, experienced and dedicated team can give you the right advice and assistance to select the perfect products to match your requirements. We can identify the source of noise and give our recommendations.

For buildings in Broughton, acoustic flooring helps to maintain an atmosphere of quietness and peace. Our flooring treatments consist of underlays or treatments that help to reduce or eliminate footfall noises that transmit through the medium of the floor. Sound travels across empty spaces and hard surfaces. An intervening layer helps to absorb the sound and prevent it from being transferred. Acoustic floor treatments are designed to separate the top layer of the floor from the underlying ones so that there is no proximity to transfer the sound. In general terms, these floors are also known as “floating floors” and they can be installed regardless of the type of flooring you select. The acoustic treatment floor is laid under these materials. Once the process is complete, an acoustic test is carried out to assess whether the treatment is effective or not.

Apart from homes, acoustic flooring in Broughton is a great solution for offices, churches, medical facilities, yoga/meditation rooms, hospitals, nursing homes, senior citizen community living facilities, concert halls, and studios. Wherever you require a sound-free area, these floors can help to reduce stress and offer the serenity needed. For more information about our acoustic flooring, contact Wirral Flooring. Our technicians and experienced fitters can complete the job swiftly and efficiently, based on your specifications.