Victoria Carpets in Parkgate

Victoria Carpets in ParkgateYou would expect Wirral Flooring to stock Victoria Carpets in Parkgate. Our family owned and operated business has been serving this area since 1978 so we know a thing or two about carpets. Victoria carpets are high on our list of recommended brands but then they know a thing or two about carpets as well; they’ve been manufacturing carpets since 1895. Victoria carpets are manufactured in the UK from wool, wool mix and synthetic fibres to suit a broad range of styles and budgets for both domestic and commercial use. Royal households have been carpeted with Victoria for years and they were honoured to supply the red carpet for William and Kate’s Royal wedding. Their quality, durability and style extend across all price ranges.

There are many qualities associated with Victoria carpets. In Parkgate, Victoria carpets resist stains, fading and moths. They offer a ten-year warranty against stain and wear. Their loc weave backing enhances the beauty of the carpet but also makes it softer underfoot. Up to 25% is manufactured from recycled products and of course, the wool is a natural and sustainable product. You’ll be proud display this most versatile carpet in your home or office. Its durability and ease of maintenance and cleaning makes Victoria carpets easy and carefree to live with. Don’t let the luxurious look and feel of Victoria carpet fool you. It can stand up to your lifestyle without sacrificing beauty.

New carpeting is an investment in your home and Victoria Carpets in Parkgate rewards you with extraordinary value. Contact Wirral Flooring and let our staff introduce you to highly recommended Victoria Carpets. Of course, we have a broad selection of carpet brands from which to choose but if you are unfamiliar with Victoria brands we can answer your questions about this company and the reasons why so many customers appreciate their quality and style. Count on our customer service standards to keep you within your budget and help you find the perfect carpet for you. Ours is a complete floor care service with carpets, vinyls and wood flooring. We make it easy for you from beginning to installation and aftercare.