Saxony Carpets in Birkenhead

Saxony Carpets in Birkenhead For the best Saxony carpets in Birkenhead, head to Wirral Flooring in the North West. As a leading supplier of carpets, we are proud to bring you the best brand names in the industry like Adam, Axminister, and Brintons, to name a few. Our wide range of products ensures a brand for every customer and a carpet for every taste! We cater to both domestic and commercial requirements providing solutions to fit all budgets. Our designer range can provide a luxurious effect or be personalized to fit practical uses for everyday life.

Wirral Flooring is a leading supplier and installer of premium flooring products. In Birkenhead, Saxony carpets are one of the products that we are proud to be associated with. Additionally, we’re known for our professional and reliable services covering most flooring solutions. Our trained staff and expert fitters are accomplished to handle installations with competence, care and creativity, which, we guarantee will, leave no room for complaint. We are equipped to handle everything from wooden floors to carpets and rugs, be it for a home or office. Options in our carpet range give you choices of synthetic stain-free fibres, traditional/contemporary designs, in a wide range of colours. We work very closely with customers incorporating details and important specifications to capture personal elements that give your space the kind of look you want. Dimensions and layouts need to be planned meticulously ensuring good fitting, especially around alcoves, fireplaces, terraces and under windows.

Our bespoke Saxony carpets in Birkenhead are sought after for their “luxurious” look and elegant style, making them popular choices for  bedrooms or living-rooms in homes or the stately, grand look of formal settings. Saxony carpets have a tight, smooth and even appearance. Due to their softness, they do tend to show foot and furniture marks that need to be frequently smoothed away. For more information about our Saxony carpets, contact Wirral Flooring. We recommend that Saxony carpets be allowed to “breathe” to maintain their plush. Since they are thicker pile carpets they tend to harbour dust easily. A professional cleaning service goes a long way in keeping your Saxony in good shape.