Axminster in Heswall

Axminster in HeswallThere has been Axminster in Heswall since 1755 when the carpets began manufacture in Axminster in Devon. They are made of specially chosen British wool that is selected for quality and durability.  This ensures that our Axminster carpets last a lifetime. Our designs are very intricate and once you have owned an Axminster carpet you will never settle for any other lesser quality carpet.  Axminster carpets have a royal warrant which means they have the prestigious privilege of having supplied Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth with their product and services.  You cannot get a better quality carpet anywhere. They are made in a way that allows the details and designs to be crisp and intricate. The carpets are not just tufted into the backing but woven in and this is one of the things that give the durability and longevity to the carpets.

When you are looking for special flooring in Heswall, Axminster carpets will enhance the appearance of any room. Some of the most beautiful items made by Axminster are highly patterned and subtly coloured carpets.  These will provide your room with the luxurious bounce and warmth underfoot as well as the exquisite patterns.  A huge variety of colours and patterns are available in luxurious pure wool or 80% wool. Wool is one of the most hardwearing materials with which to make carpets.  It is a natural fibre and can be permanently dyed with colours that will not fade or run so that your carpet pattern never loses the crisp detail it had on the day it was made.   Our carpets are hand checked every step of the manufacturing process to ensure that the rugs and carpets are of the highest quality available.

We supply Axminster in Heswall at affordable prices. Contact Wirral Flooring today or come to our showroom and see the wide range of flooring we supply. We are a family run business with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our success has resulted from our commitment to provide all our customers both large and small with a huge choice of flooring and carpets at competitive prices. Our advice and experience will help you to choose the best flooring for your home within your specified budget.