Resilient, Attractive Linoleum in Wallasey, a Great Flooring Choice

Linoleum in WallaseyLinoleum in Wallasey is resilient in more ways than one. It’s regarded by the flooring industry as a resilient product because of its ability to bounce back. Also, although it has never really disappeared from the marketplace, the demand for it has begun to bounce back. We’ve always loved it for its economy and durability. The new lino is more durable than ever; up to 40 years with care. The selection of colours and patterns is almost limitless. Maybe you can still find lino with that big flowering bloom design or black and white checks, but there are plenty of other options. We stock a nice selection at Wirral Flooring. Although one of its claims to fame was easy cut to fit installation, our team of fitters can install for you to perfection.

One of linoleum’s come back appeals is its environmentally friendly qualities.  Who knew in Wallasey, linoleum could actually be composted? It’s true; the material will completely decompose and it won’t take 100 years. Lino is made from cork dust, wood fibres, natural resins, mineral pigments and linseed oil. It’s one of the most eco-friendly floors on the market. Add budget friendly, easy care, water resistant, soft underfoot and durable to the equation and you might wonder why it ever fell out of favour with the buying public. The demand for luxury vinyl flooring overshadowed lino in recent years and while it is a lovely option, linoleum is often the better choice.

Linoleum in Wallasey is an excellent alternative to the pricier luxury vinyl in many settings. It’s a favourite of landlords for sprucing up their rental properties since it looks great and lasts so long. Family rooms, finished basements, hobby spaces, laundry rooms, kids’ playrooms and more. Commercial spaces that experience high traffic will need replacement flooring less often when lino is used. We invite you to contact Wirral Flooring and let us tell you about our beautiful selection of linoleum. Go retro or go modern; there is a linoleum pattern just for you. If you are very creative, linoleum can be used to create your own pattern and colour combination. Maybe it’s time to give linoleum another look.