Stain Free Carpets in Birkenhead, a Great Choice for Longevity and Style

Stain Free Carpets in BirkenheadStain free carpets in Birkenhead are made from synthetic fibres. There are two kinds of carpet; those made from natural fibres and those made from synthetic fibres. Natural fibre carpets are those made from wool, silk and other natural fibres. Most popular is wool. Synthetics are made from polypropylene, polyester, acrylic and nylon. Of those, about 50% are made from nylon. Most synthetic fibre carpets resist stains, mildew and fibre breakdown. They are exceptionally durable, maintain their sheen and don’t show wear. Major manufacturers produce synthetic carpets. Each company has it’s on particular stain-resistant coating which is applied either before or during manufacture.

Synthetic carpets are a natural selection for high traffic areas and busy homes with children and pets. In Birkenhead, stain free carpets are one of our most requested carpets. You want your house to look nice but you also want to live in it without fear of ruining the carpet. We stock top brands that are familiar household names and industry leaders for value. You may wonder if a synthetic brand is going to satisfy your desire for soft, dense and luxurious carpets. The answer is, absolutely. In addition to being stain-resistant and wearing like iron, synthetics can look and feel soft as silk. Liquids bead up on synthetic carpets like water on a duck’s back. Grab a towel and dab, not scrub but dab, the moisture up, leaving the carpet clean and dry.

We have a large selection of stain free carpets in Birkenhead. Our staff is knowledgeable about all our brands and the finer points of each. Contact us or pay us a visit and let us help you narrow down your selections according to colour, style and budget. You will still have a sizable selection but with our help the shopping trip will be less stressful. When you find the right carpet for your family, our staff will measure up your intended area for carpet. The price we quote you will include carpet, padding and professional installation. Complete care instructions for new carpet are included. However, you’ll be pleased to discover that stain free carpet is easy care carpet.