Axminster Carpets in Ellesmere Port, a Stunning Choice for Your Building

Axminster Carpets in Ellesmere PortChoose Axminster carpets in Ellesmere Port and capture the beauty, strength and durability of fine carpeting. Our team of highly-trained, experienced and knowledgeable professionals can help you to select the right floor covering. No matter how big or small your requirements, we are glad to provide advice and assistance. Based in Heswall, our client base extends throughout the Wirral, North West and North Wales areas and beyond. Not only do we have an exquisite range, but we also have a knowledgeable and experienced team. We are proud of our team of expert fitters and installers who have extensive experience in a variety of domestic and commercial environments.

For discerning homeowners in Ellesmere Port, Axminster carpets are the choice of customers who want a combination of beauty, sturdiness and design. This legacy product has had a two-century history and remains a popular, essentially English carpet. It is favoured in hospitality, convention centres, and airport lounges and around the world that receive high foot traffic. Though little has changed in the famous Axminster weave, known for its interlocking pile and yarn backing, there have been many technological innovations in its manufacture and design. Electronic and jacquard weaving has expanded the products frontiers. The three-dimensional weaving pattern makes it a great choice for customers who want a high-performance floor covering.

Axminster carpets in Ellesmere Port can be kept looking like new if you follow the right cleaning tips and advice. Our team can help you with useful information. Installation is as important as choosing the carpet. It is one of the most identifiable types of carpeting because of its characteristic weave. Currently, the product uses 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre such as nylon blends. This makes it stronger and easier to maintain. Wool is a naturally soil-resistant and tough material that requires simple cleaning to keep it looking fresh and sparkling. For more about our Axminster carpets, contact Wirral Flooring today. We can help you select the right carpet for your specific requirements. We believe you will love our range of beautiful Axminster carpets.