Excellent Quality Commercial Tiles in Raby for your Building

Commercial Tiles in Raby Select tough, durable and good looking commercial tiles in Raby from the specialists, Wirral Flooring. We’re proud to be a well-established, professional and reliable service. We specialise in top quality flooring solutions. They range from wood to laminates, vinyl and a dazzling array of tiles. We also stock great floor coverings such as carpets and rugs. Whether your requirement is commercial or residential, we can provide you with the right products and services. Though we’re based in Heswall, our client base extends throughout the Wirral, North West and North Wales regions.

We stock tiles manufactured by some of the biggest names in the business. In Raby, commercial tiles are available with us at competitive rates. These products are made to the highest standards and are specially designed for commercial spaces. Commercial clients such as hotels, restaurants and pubs will find exactly what they need. Other commercial customers include architects, property developers and landlords. Our tiles are also ideal for churches, public buildings, nursing and residential care buildings. If you want tiles for schools, colleges or office complexes, we have the perfect solution. Leisure centres, offices and banks can also get in touch with us. What sets commercial tiles apart from residential tiles is their greater toughness and durability. They also need to be stain resistant and easy to maintain.

Commercial tiles in Raby are designed to withstand heavy and constant traffic. They have to bear rolling loads or heavy items being dragged across. Heavy items may be dropped on them, the space may experience high humidity, and  extremely high or low temperatures. The risk of spillage of very hot liquids, acids, exposure dishwasher and sink leaks, and harsh cleaning products is very high. Our highly experienced team can help you choose the right tiles, preparation and setting materials. Commercial spaces may have to be ready for use almost immediately. Hence rapid setting products that are required. Tiles also need waterproofing and installation of protective, crack-isolation membranes. Contact Wirral Flooring for more information on our products and services. We can help you with design, planning and installation of your commercial flooring space.