Cushion Floors in Connah’s Quay – Practical, Comfortable Flooring Solution

Cushion Floors in Connahs Quay For a practical and comfortable flooring solution, choose our excellent cushion floors in Connah’s Quay. We have a dazzling range of flooring options. You will find the perfect match for the design concept you have in mind. If you have a budget, share it with our team, and we’ll work out the best fit. Ours is a well-established firm, with strong ties in the local communities. Our client base extends throughout the North West, the Wirral and North Wales regions. We are based in Heswall, but happy to service customers around this area and beyond. Our team has the necessary experience, knowledge and training to ensure that you get the best service.

For rooms that may get constant water splashes in Connah’s Quay, cushion floors are a great alternative. This flooring is also known as vinyl or cushioned vinyl flooring. It is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to give your room an instant makeover. It is a  completely noise-reduction option, so it’s great for children’s rooms and also areas where you need quiet such as yoga rooms. Being tough and impact resistant, this hard-wearing floor is versatile and available in a superb array of designs and colours. Just tell us where you want it to be laid, and our team can give you the right design advice. We have an expert team of fitters who will install your flooring to perfection.

When you select cushion floors in Connah’s Quay, you can match them to your overall interior décor scheme. If you have seniors in the home, this is a great choice because it is completely skid-proof. This floor is good for homes with kids and pets, because it is tough, easy to clean and very low maintenance. The top layer is non-porous, which means that germs, fungi and dirt cannot penetrate. Your bathroom and kitchen will remain super hygienic. Contact Wirral Flooring for more information on our cushion floors. Our team can give you useful tips on care and maintenance of this floor. A quick wipe with a damp mop is all you need to keep it looking showroom fresh.