Amtico Flooring in West Kirby

Amtico Flooring in West KirbyMany people contact Wirral Flooring Ltd looking for Amtico Flooring in West Kirby, mainly to see what great deals are available. A family run business, established in 1978, gives us more than 30 years experience in flooring. We are committed to providing superior service to all our customers, new or existing, whether it is a small residential or domestic project, or a large commercial project, all our customers can expect professional expertise at affordable prices.

In West Kirby it isn’t hard to find Amtico Flooring — just come to Wirral Flooring! Throughout the Wirral and surrounds, North and North West Wales, our reputation speaks for itself – our name synonymous with quality. We have a large range available – ranging from hard wearing vinyl flooring, to big-brand name carpets. One such brand is Amtico, a well known manufacturer who have been supplying innovation flooring solutions for over 50 years. They combine luxurious design with technical excellence, and Wirral Flooring Ltd are proud of this partnership. We have a great selection of Amtico Flooring to choose from, which can be viewed at the showroom in Heswall.

By choosing Amtico Flooring in West Kirby, you are assured that you have chosen a vinyl floor of unmistaken distinction. This flooring is available in a wide range of traditional, contemporary and classic designs. For those who might be slighlty more financially constrained, Amtico flooring is an excellent, and cost-effective, alternative to real flooring. You can’t go wrong when you choose Amtico Flooring. Call Wirral Flooring Ltd for more information today!