Restoration Project and Parquet Wood Flooring in Caldy

0041Our wood flooring division in Caldy is always excited to be able to complete restoration of older or historic homes, especially those that require assistance with the restoration of flooring to its original parquet style.  Sometimes the flooring has been damaged by general wear and tear or an alternate type of flooring has been stuck on top. New owners often want a complete restoration because not only is parquet wood flooring back in fashion, the hard wood is more ecofriendly and sanitary than carpeting.  In addition, parquet flooring is easier to clean, beautiful and not as cold as concrete.

The first thing we do is make sure the home is treated for termites. In many cases this is the reason for the degeneration of the floor, and can pose a threat to every wooden object in the house, from staircases to furniture. We use the best quality parquet which is both termite resistance and waterproof. Often we have to replace the floor’s foundation. We lay a concrete floor which is more durable than the previous foundation of raw wood. After the foundation is laid, we make sure the surface is level by sanding to get rid of bumps.  It takes a lot of work but the finished product is so beautiful it is worth the effort. Our customers are pleased and so are we. We have been serving Wirral, North West England and North Wales for over thirty years. We cover commercial and residential flooring needs of any size.

Finding wood flooring experts in Caldy is easy. We at Wirral Flooring welcome your calls and emails. For quotes, questions and general information about tiling, hardwood floors, laminate and carpet laying give us a call. Our support team is always available to give the best advice.