Beautiful Amtico Flooring in Heswall


We have been very excited to help install Amtico Flooring in Heswall for a family who just moved into their new house in the past month. We have been working in this area, reaching across the North and Northwestern parts of Wales, for more than 30 years, so we thoroughly enjoy being able to take part in welcoming a new family to our community. With two little ones romping about, we wanted to make sure to give them both durable and attractive options for their floors. The couple told us that they spend a lot of time together as a family within the living room, so we wanted to make sure that this room received special attention.

The couple reached out to Quentin, our products manager in Heswall, who led them to check out the Amtico Flooring options. They were very impressed with the variety of flooring to choose from but even more so by the quality of the product. Quentin and our team worked with them to select the perfect option for their everyday needs as well as what they really wanted in their floors. They looked at samples of both wood and stone and weighed the pros of each. Once they decided that wood might be best for their young ones, we took them through the different designs, colors, and layouts that they could choose from. Within a month of their contacting us, we had helped them through the whole process and installed a beautiful cherry wood design in their new home.

They are very happy with the service that we were able to provide them and told us that the children love playing on the floor in their new living room. Each of the other rooms that we helped remodel also received high praise. If you are interested in looking at Amtico flooring for your Heswall home, please do not hesitate to contact our team for a consultation! Call us for a phone consultation at 0151 342 6773, or email today!