Laminate Flooring for Schools  in Wirral

DSCN5945A recently received query about the possibility of laminate flooring for schools in Wirral brought up a lot of good questions. A local school rang us at Wirral Flooring looking for some information. The gentleman had been tasked with finding the best option available to replace the flooring in one of the older buildings in the school. The old floor boards and been rotting for years and the time had come to make a change. Our caller was in the beginning phase of this project and was looking find what kind of materials could possibly work in this building.

As is our habit, we spent a little time with the client to discover his needs. During this process we came to the conclusion that laminate might be a good choice for this job in Wirral. Laminate flooring for schools turned out to be a great choice for a number of reasons. The greatest strength of this material is that it is exceptionally durable, making it ideally suited for a school. A new laminate floor is sure to stand up to many years of children trekking to and from class. Of course value should not be overlooked. Laminate wins out here as well, not only in the lower upfront cost, but saving money over the long term due to it’s long lasting nature.

Our client was able to take our a winning recommendation back to the administrator of the school, resulting in another happy customer. The school was pleased with both the price and quality workmanship offered by Wirral Flooring. Of course laminate flooring for schools in Wirral is only one of many projects our capable staff is equipped to handle. We are able to supply and fit a wide range of high-end tiles, wood floors, carpets, and rugs. With stocks ranging from economy to luxury, Wirral Flooring is sure to have a solution to any of your flooring needs. Call us on 0151 342 6773 today for a free quote.