Surprise! Stain Free Carpets for Caldy Offices

0055Wirral Flooring recently assisted in installing brand new stain free carpets in Caldy offices,  replacing ugly and stained flooring that had been there for about 20 years! The office space had become dingy over time due to use and mishaps, which is very common for a highly trafficked space. With the holiday season, the office manager and director decided they wanted to liven-up the building by re-carpeting the entire office! What a surprise employees would get on their return from leave!

We have been servicing businesses and residences for many years, including installing stain free carpets in Caldy. Having worked with other offices in the same area, we knew that stain free carpets were definitely the solution for this client. In a place where multiple people are going to be walking in and out of the space, where food may be dropped and coffee might be spilt, it was an easy decision to make! Our team provided samples from each of our carpet producers and worked with the office manager to pick the best product from both a design and price point.

Everyone in the office is talking about their new floor and buzzing about the change in mood that it brings. The brilliant colors and the feeling of comfort has been refreshing to all of the employees.  Wirral Flooring can help you choose a stain free carpet in Caldy for your office, bedroom, or anywhere else! Please contact us for a consultation, and we can get you on a path to beautiful new floors. There are multiple ways to contact us: call us at 0151 342 6773, email us, or just drop in!