Oak Wooden Flooring in Wirral

Oak Wooden Flooring in WirralNothing beats oak wooden flooring in Wirral but the problem with getting something like that is you need to be sure of the quality of the materials being used as well as the quality of the worksmanship involved in the installation process. Oak flooring can be very expensive not just due to the quality of the material but also due to the level of skill required to install it perfectly. The first thing you need to understand is that when you are looking for Oak wooden flooring, you are opting for a hardwood floor made of solid wood. By ‘solid’ we mean thick wooden planks that are connected together to create your floor. The other option is to have an engineered wooden floor where you have a sheet of veneered wood sitting atop a core, usually made of plywood.

Now, there are some other things that you need to know as home owners in Wirral wanting oak wooden flooring for your home. The level at which the floor is installed also matters. A wooden floor on the first floor of a house is not going to be affected by moisture in the same way that the ground floor might. This is primarily because of proximity to the soil, which can make your lower floor’s wooden flooring more susceptible. If you are going to be installing a wooden floor in a room or floor that’s lower than the ground outside of your home, putting in engineered wood is considered better.

The other thing that oak wooden flooring in Wirral homes requires is a sub-floor. This is what the actual wooden planks rest on and if you are looking for a solid oak wood floor, you might want to start off with a concrete sub-floor. Once you’ve got the right floor, you have nothing left to do but simply add finishing touches in the form of paint, stain and varnish. The right colour can make your entire house shine so make sure you consult a wooden floor specialist like Wirral Flooring to find out the best approach to installing Oak flooring in your home. With our expert advice and expertise, you will always get the finest results. So contact us at Wirral Flooring today to find out more about oak wooden flooring.