Amtico Flooring in Chester

Amtico Flooring in ChesterDo you want to give your home a make-over and are you thinking of installing Amtico flooring in Chester? This is a good looking, hard wearing and practical flooring solution in the luxury vinyl flooring range and comes in a dazzling variety of designs to suit almost every kind of need and preference. Though vinyl flooring is traditionally associated with commercial or lower end properties, Amtico is an innovative product for residential properties. It is known in interior design circles as the “aspirational” type of vinyl flooring as it combines the toughness and practicality of vinyl with the classy good looks of wood or stone. It’s made of higher quality materials and is an attractive and modern alternative to use. It is also relatively maintenance free, doesn’t require polishing, sanding or refinishing, is very easy to clean and can withstand rough handling from kids and pets.

In Chester, Amtico flooring is available in a plethora of textures and designs such as natural wood and stone. Most of the reputed stockists like Wirral Flooring have a ready supply of stocks so you don’t have to endure annoying delays. They can provide top quality installation services and design advice as well. Amtico flooring is a great choice for all areas of your home. It has an abrasion resistant surface, as well as water repellent qualities, so you don’t have to worry about moist floors or stains. Just a daily sweeping and mopping routine is sufficient to keep its appearance pristine for a long time. Another advantage is that if you’re planning to install underfloor heating, Amtico is compatible with that too, provided you use the appropriate high-temperature adhesive. In all other areas, the solvent free adhesive works just fine.

An important aspect to consider while installing Amtico flooring in Chester is that though it is a relatively simple process, it’s wiser to leave the job to professionals. The sub-floor has to be properly prepared for best results. You can also choose from a great range of borders that give a traditional, classic or contemporary finish to your home, office, restaurant, food court, hospital, dental clinics, commercial or retail spaces. To find out more about versatile Amtico flooring, contact Wirral Flooring.