Ryalux in Connah’s Quay

Ryalux in Connah's QuayRyalux in Connah’s Quay could be one of the best carpets you are looking for. These carpets are justly famous the world over for their superior quality, colour choices and the sheer luxury of top quality wools. The company first debuted on the carpet market in the early 1970s and has built up a fine reputation for excellent carpets. They offer carpets in a range of sizes up to 7m wide, giving your room that lavish feel that only a seamless wall to wall carpet can. Their website allows customers to browse through hundreds of color options, select a carpet by range, room, colour and type.

In Connah’s Quay, Ryalux carpets can also be ordered as bespoke items. Their “Ultimate” collection uses the finest New Zealand double-ply wool and you have a choice of saxony, wool-silk, twist, velvet or shagpile styles as well. If you want a colour that’s not available on their palette, you can request a special dye colour matching and the width for bespoke carpets is up to 9m. This allows you to create that unique look for your rooms that you’ve always dreamed of. Ryalux also offers tough and hard-wearing products like the Simply Ryalux, which is sturdy good quality at an affordable rate. Contemporary colours, designs and styles, their antique V&A Collection that produces museum-style products, natural and textural carpets are some of the products that have delighted their loyal customers. They are available at reputed companies like Wirral Flooring.

If you’re looking for Ryalux in Connah’s Quay, you could pick up a luxury carpet at a fraction of the price at Wirral Flooring. Another useful feature that customers would be glad to know about is their wide selection of down-graded carpets. These are products with minor flaws that are nearly invisible to the untrained eye, but the company prefers not to offer them in regular retail. Since wool is a natural product, there are many inherent faults in the tufting, shearing and backing and they may show up in the carpet. Down-graded carpets may also have colour variations or they do not achieve the nominal weight. If you are looking for Ryalux carpets, contact Wirral Flooring.