Luxurious Fitted Carpets in Wrexham Add Style and Comfort to Your Home

fitted carpets in WrexhamNothing pulls a room together like fitted carpets in Wrexham from Wirral Flooring. Nobody knows carpets like we do. We’ve been established for over 40 years so we’ve watched and experienced the changes to the carpet products as they’ve progressed through the decades. Not all of our staff have been with us during those years. However, our carpet staff knows their carpets and brands. They are qualified to advise and share their knowledge. That helps our customers make an informed decision when selecting carpet for their home or commercial building. We are stockists for some of the finest brands available in all price ranges, blends and weaves. Our colour and design selections are extensive.

Whether you choose economy, luxury or designer carpet, once fitted, the space is transformed. For our customers in Wrexham, fitted carpets, once installed, create a quiet and warm environment. Colour and texture bring the room to life. Whole house fitted synthetic carpets for large family homes is a good choice because noise is muffled. That makes the whole place a bit more peaceful and less stressful for everyone. It even helps absorb some of those background noises from appliances that we feel more than hear. We have an excellent range of economy carpets that are easily cleaned, stain resistant and wear like iron. Yet its soft and luxurious to the touch. If you prefer natural fibres, then let us show you our wool and wool blends.

Beautiful fitted carpets in Wrexham begin with a good foundation. Wirral Flooring is full service so our professional carpet fitters will install your carpet to perfection. We’ll measure at your convenience so you are not buying more than you need. Your flooring will be prepared and the carpet padding of your choice will be installed first. Some people like thick plush under padding and some prefer less give underfoot. It’s your choice. We’ll leave you with care instructions for your new carpet and guarantee your satisfaction. Contact Wirral Flooring and find out about some of the wonderful new blends and colours available from our popular brands. Tell us your budget and we’ll see your fitted carpet project through to completion and after care.