Find Out More About Amtico Flooring In Birkenhead

0065What is it that makes Amtico Flooring in Birkenhead perfect for homes and offices? This is one of the frequently asked questions faced by the friendly team at Wirral Flooring.  Both home owners and business owners will love the choice, beauty and durability offered by this well-loved flooring, says Quentin, owner of Wirral Flooring. Business owners with office buildings that have high foot traffic will be pleased to hear about Amtico’s newly launched Entryway matting. A unique combination of nylon and scraper fibres removes soil, moisture and debris at the door, preserving the look and appearance of flooring throughout your building.   Another question that is top of mind when people are choosing the perfect flooring is, does it come with a warranty? Perfect for busy areas in Birkenhead, Amtico flooring boasts a wear-out warranty – choosing a high quality product like this will save you money in the long run. Of course, the original appearance of your Amtico floor tiles can be affected by poor maintenance – lucky for you Wirral Flooring is there to guide you, both when it comes to choosing the perfect flooring for your needs, and with advice on how to keep your flooring looking good for years to come. Of course, the finished appearance of your Amtico floor is only as good as the quality of the base over which it is installed, which is all the more reason to rely on the experts for installation. With a thorough knowledge of the technical specifications of the product, and with many years of experience Quentin and his team offer a worry-free installation service.

Choosing from the sheer range of beautiful options in Amtico flooring in Birkenhead can be quite overwhelming. Speak to Quentin at Wirral Flooring for friendly service and expert advice. Call 0151 342 6773.